Centrally Manage Your Optimized WAN

Silver Peak's Web-based Global Management System (GMS) provides centralized orchestration of WAN optimization deployments, advanced application classification, and detailed performance metrics. Silver Peak GMS provides all the tools needed to centrally configure, monitor and manage a Silver Peak WAN deployment. Customers enjoy fast deployment, simplified device management, centralized monitoring, and extensive reporting capabilities.

Silver Peak WAN optimization appliances can be pre-provisioned and then automatically discovered using the automated deployment wizard, including implementation of custom policies. Silver Peak GMS also makes day-to-day administration easier with scheduled configuration backups and automatic updates.

Silver Peak's easy-to-use dashboards provide essential real-time information, such as device status and usage statistics, WAN metrics, and alarms. And with real-time and historical reporting, all the information needed for capacity management, network planning, auditing, troubleshooting, ROI analysis, and SLA enforcement is easily visible and accessible.


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Centrally Manage Your Optimized Wan

The Silver Peak Global Management System (GMS) is a powerful platform for the deployment, management, and monitoring of a Silver Peak-enabled Wide Area Network (WAN). In addition to centralizing the administration of Silver Peak NX, VX and VRX appliances, GMS provides detailed visibility into all aspects of application delivery across a distributed enterprise, including application behavior, WAN performance (latency/loss), Quality of Service (QoS) policies, and bandwidth utilization.

GMS is a key component of Silver Peak's data acceleration solution, which includes data center class WAN optimization, Velocity replication acceleration, and Agility software defined workload acceleration. With Silver Peak, IT managers have all the tools necessary to quickly move large volumes of data over any distance while lowering ongoingtelco expenditures.

Ease of Deployment

GMS comes as a virtual machine that runs on industry standard servers.

GMS ensures fast and accurate configuration of Silver Peak NX, VX and VRX appliances. New appliances can automatically register with the GMS via a zero-touch provisioning technology, allowing customers the ability to deploy appliances with minimal onsite IT expertise. In addition, Silver Peak provides an automated deployment wizard to assist with the configuration of these devices, and graphical tools can be used to easily configure large networks in a point-and-click fashion. Enterprise-wide policies (for example, bandwidth contracts) can be created and applied using customized templates within GMS, ensuring consistent configuration across numerous Silver Peak appliances, regardless of location.

Simplified Device Management

GMS facilitates day-to-day administrative tasks across an entire distributed network of Silver Peak appliances (or group of appliances). This includes scheduled configuration backups, automatic software updates, and other vital device management functions. In addition, GMS can be used to drill down into individual appliances for specific configuration, monitoring, and management tasks.

Centralized Network Monitoring

GMS provides a single, centralized "launch point" for monitoring a Silver Peak-enabled WAN. This includes easy to use dashboards that provide essential real-time information, such as device status and usage statistics, tunnel metrics, and alarms. Automatic email notifications ensure that IT staff are always in the loop - facilitating day-to-day performance monitoring and ensuring that faults are always isolated and resolved in a timely and cost effective manner.

Extensive reporting capabilities

GMS provides extensive reporting capabilities that assist with capacity management, network planning, auditing, troubleshooting, ROI analysis, and SLA enforcement. Historical reports can be generated in real-time or scheduled as part of regular management operations. This includes traffic statistics (data reduction, TCP flow counts, latency/loss characteristics, bandwidth allocation), application behavior (top ten applications, bandwidth allocation per application), and alarms. This information can be exported from GMS for easy manipulation and long-term storage.

Flexible and secure access

GMS offers different levels of user access that provide varying degrees of read and write privileges. Support for TACACS+ and RADIUS ensures easy integration with existing authentication systems.

A web interface (using HTTPS) ensures seamless and secure access to the GMS platform from virtually any location.

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