Powering Replication Performance Over the WAN

Silver Peak NX appliances are the industry's highest-performance WAN optimization solutions, and are the optimal hardware solution for accelerating the most stringent remote replication workloads.

The NX appliances deliver three-times the WAN performance and capacity of the nearest competing products. The NX appliances are sized for the smallest of branch offices to the world's largest data centers and disaster recovery sites, supporting up to 5 gigabits-per-second (Gbps) of WAN capacity and 512,000 simultaneous flows.

These WAN optimization appliances fit seamlessly into any enterprise network, sitting between network resources and the WAN infrastructure. With Silver Peak NX appliances, customers can overcome network bandwidth, distance and quality challenges when replicating data over the WAN. This helps customers shrink their recovery point objectives (RPOs) with ease.


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Silver Peak's NX appliances leverage the company's Virtual Acceleration Open Architecture (VXOA) to deliver Silver Peak's award winning optimization techniques in a purpose built plug and play platform. VXOA leverages various real-time network optimization working primarily at the network (IP) layer, which ensures the maximum performance across the widest range of applications and WAN environments. These techniques include:

Network Acceleration: Silver Peak mitigates the impacts of latency across the WAN by using various protocol acceleration techniques, including the adjustment of TCP window sizes, selective TCP acknowledgements, and CIFS read-ahead and write-behinds. These tools help to overcome protocol chattiness that can otherwise prevent applications from working properly over long distances.

Network Integrity: Silver Peak is the only WAN optimization vendor to properly address packet delivery issues common to shared WAN technologies, such as MPLS, internet VPNs, and cloud. This is achieved using adaptive Forward Error Correction (FEC) and Packet Order Correction (POC) to rebuild lost and out-of-order packets in real-time, advanced Quality of Service (QoS) techniques to prioritize traffic, and granular traffic shaping policies to guarantee network resources.

Network Memory: Silver Peak's patented solution for disk based WAN deduplication maximizes available WAN bandwidth across an enterprise. Network Memory inspects all traffic at the byte level and stores copies of content in high-capacity disk drives and SSDs. Advanced finger-printing techniques recognize repetitive patterns for local delivery, eliminating the transfer of duplicate data across the WAN for improved application performance and maximum WAN utilization. Cross-flow payload and header compression provide additional gains on first-time data transfers and non-repetitive traffic. Network Memory is the only deduplication solution that operates at the network layer, supporting all IP-based protocols and application versions (including SSL encrypted traffic).


Accelerate all applications: Silver Peak optimizes all IP traffic, regardless of transport protocol, latency sensitivity, or application version. This ensures the best Return on Investment (ROI) for WAN optimization.

Industry's highest capacity: The NX family of appliances scales from Mbps to multi Gbps of WAN capacity, with 500 GB to several TB of local data store for deduplication, and support for 8,000 to 512,000 simultaneous sessions per appliance. This is over five times (5x) the capacity of competing WAN optimization solutions, making Silver Peak the best solution for all enterprise locations, from small remote offices to the largest data center.

Best performance on shared WANs. As enterprises move to MPLS, Internet VPNs, and the cloud, packet delivery challenges are inevitable due to increased network and application congestion. This is especially problematic as voice, video, data and storage traffic are all converged onto a single network infrastructure. Only Silver Peak overcomes these challenges with the company's unique Network Integrity features, ensuring the best performance on shared WANs.

Enterprise Grade Security: Silver Peak uses AES encrypted disk drives to protect data stored on the NX appliance. IPSec encryption protects all data sent between appliances. Advanced algorithms ensure that data security is achieved with no impact on application performance.


NX appliances are standalone devices that seamlessly fit into any enterprise network, sitting between network resources and the WAN infrastructure that is used to connect them to remote users. Deployment of NX appliances requires absolutely no client, server, or application reconfiguration. (If virtual appliances are desired, Silver Peak's VX and VRX families offer the same functionality as the NX appliances in software-only platforms.)

Flexible deployment options: Silver Peak NX appliances can be deployed in-line between a WAN router and LAN devices such as Ethernet or FCIP switches, or out-of-path using PolicyBased- Routing (PBR) redirection, Web Cache Coordination Protocol (WCCP), or Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP). Typical deployment takes less than 30 minutes per appliance.

Easy to Configure and Manage: An intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) simplifies network monitoring, policy provisioning, and device management. Powerful wizards simplify configuration of NX appliances. A full-featured CLI is available over the DB-9 console port or via SSH. Larger deployments can easily be managed using Silver Peak's Global Management System (GMS), which is a cost effective platform for centrally managing distributed Silver Peak appliances. GMS contains intuitive templates for policy configuration and enforcement, making enterprise-wide roll out of the Silver Peak solution easy, efficient, and error free.

Granular visibility and control: When Silver Peak's Global GMS is deployed in conjunction with the NX appliances, IT administrators have detailed visibility into all aspects of application delivery across a distributed enterprise, including application behavior and WAN performance (bandwidth utilization, latency and loss). Real-time alerts assist with troubleshooting and historical reports ensure accurate ongoing analysis.

Free upgrade to virtual: NX appliances can be upgraded to virtual appliances in a matter of seconds. The process is free, and available at any time a valid maintenance contract is in place. This delivers maximum flexibility while completely protecting your investment in WAN optimization.

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