Virtualized appliances for delivering guaranteed performance in shared environments

Unity EdgeConnect
  • Flexibility Rapidly and non-disruptively augment or replace MPLS with broadband connectivity.
  • Visibility & Control See all applications, and centrally assign business intent policies to secure and control all traffic.
  • Performance Improve end-user satisfaction and dramatically enhance application performance.
  • Savings Reduce connectivity and equipment costs by up to 90% by moving to Internet connectivity.

With Unity Boost, customers gain the flexibility to enable enhanced WAN optimization capabilities where and when it is needed. Unity Boost is licensed per-megabit-per-second, per-month, so customers do not have to pay for WAN optimization across the entire network.

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Dynamic Path Control

Real-Time Traffic Direction Over Any Type of Connectivity

Dynamic Path Control (DPC) is a key feature of all Silver Peak WAN products, including Unity EdgeConnect. DPC provides real-time traffic steering over any broadband or MPLS link based on company-defined business intent policies. In the event of an outage or brownout, DPC automatically fails-over to the secondary connection in less than one second.

Use All of Your Available Bandwidth

DPC enables organizations to fully-utilize all deployed bandwidth at each location. Enabling the simultaneous use of multiple WAN links has traditionally been difficult because of limitations in routing protocols. Often an enterprise will have branches with MPLS as a primary WAN link and an idle Internet link for backup. This scenario wastes a great deal of bandwidth.

WAN Hardening

Secure Your Broadband and Hybrid WAN Edge-to-Edge

While MPLS networks are perceived to be "private" networks and provided some inherent protection, no such assurances are true when connecting out over the Internet. Silver Peak secures broadband WANs edge-to-edge with multiple security features. It starts with 256-bit AES encryption to secure all WAN traffic in a Unity EdgeConnect overlay tunnel. All enterprise data in-flight across the Silver Peak encrypted tunnel fabric (SD-WAN overlay) is secured without any performance degradation.

In addition, Silver Peak has added WAN Hardening as a key feature in Unity EdgeConnect. WAN Hardening enables enterprises to deploy Unity EdgeConnect appliances directly onto the Internet. No unauthorized outside traffic is allowed to enter the branch. If a packet is not in the Silver Peak encrypted tunnel it is denied access and immediately dropped. With WAN hardening there also is a reduced need to add additional routers and firewalls at the branch, which helps eliminate appliance sprawl and the high costs of deploying and managing dedicated firewalls.

With WAN Hardening included in the Unity EdgeConnect appliances, customers benefit from:

  • Enterprise class security.
  • Accelerated site-to-site performance by encrypting data in-flight without any performance degradation.
  • Significant capital savings by avoiding the purchase of additional VPN hardware.
  • Easy deployment requiring no networking expertise or painstaking tunnel configuration.

Path Conditioning

Making the Internet Perform Like a Private Line

Path Conditioning is another key feature of Unity EdgeConnect and necessary for any broadband WAN (a.k.a. SD-WAN) deployment as it provides private-line-like performance over the public Internet. Path Conditioning overcomes the adverse effects of dropped and out-of-order packets that are common with broadband Internet and MPLS connections.

When combined with Silver Peak's Dynamic Path Control (DPC), Path Conditioning helps power broadband WANs with the performance and reliability of a private MPLS network and the economics of broadband. While Silver Peak's DPC provides WAN performance enhancements with real-time traffic steering over broadband and MPLS links based on company-defined business intent policies and the condition of the paths connected to the branch, Path Conditioning complements DPC by overcoming the effects of dropped and out-of-order packets on the Internet connections.

Cloud Intelligence

Real-time Updates on the Best-Performing Path to Reach Hundreds of SaaS Applications

Cloud Intelligence is a unique feature of Unity EdgeConnect. Silver Peak's Cloud Intelligence delivers real-time updates on the best performing path to reach hundreds of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, ensuring users connect to their applications in the fastest, most intelligent way available.

Optimally routing and controlling traffic over the Internet to cloud services requires a dynamic understanding of the cloud services themselves, and the ever changing Internet "weather" conditions.

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UEdge Specs

UEdge Specs

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