Accelerate Replication over the Internet or an Existing WAN

Silver Peak VRX virtual appliances leverage Silver Peak's robust data acceleration capabilities for overcoming network challenges that hamper remote replication between data centers and to the cloud. By improving replication throughput by as much as 20x, customers can protect more data in less time, and shrink existing recovery point objectives (RPOs). No changes to the existing network infrastructure are needed. This reduces disaster recovery costs and ensures the most stringent RPOs are consistently met.

Silver Peak VRX virtual appliances can also be used for Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) and for replication over the Internet as part of the Silver Peak Unity SD-WAN architecture.

Try our interactive RPO Calculator to see how you can easily meet your recovery point objective with Silver Peak VRX software.

VRX Virtual Appliances

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Solves network bandwidth, distance and quality challenges.Ensures maximum replication throughput over distance.

Proven interoperability.Works with all IP replication solutions

Industry leading scalability.Easily replicate several TB per hour.

Deployed in minutes. No networking expertise required with storage redirection deployment.


Meet Recovery Point Objectives (RPO).Replicate more data in less time to remote offsite locations.

Replicate over longer distances.Eliminate distance limitations between source/target devices.

Improve business continuity.. Maintain redundant data centers for hot failover.

Lower disaster recovery costs.Eliminate costly dedicated networks for replication; avoid bandwidth upgrades.

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VRX Appliances Specs

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