Safe-T’s ZoneZero is an industry-first perimeter access orchestration platform that allows you to easily manage the entire access scheme in one platform. use ZoneZero to implement a new SDP solution, enhance your existing VPN infrastructure to ZTNA, or add MFA to any VPN, service, and application.


ZoneZero Perimeter Access

Understanding the need for ZTNA solutions that efficiently and completely address all remote access scenarios and requirements, Safe-T has re-designed its ZTNA solution to create ZoneZero, the first-ever Perimeter Access Orchestration Platform.

  • Creates true separation of the data and control planes
  • Applies application-level policies for all of your users
  • Introduces MFA to any VPN, service, or application
  • Based on Safe-T’s patented reverse-access technology
  • Enables you to achieve true ZTNA
  • Seamless implementation and rapid deployment
  • Optimized cost of deployment and ownership
  • Central management for full transparency and efficacy


ZoneZero SDP SAA

ZoneZero SDP is part of the ZoneZero Perimeter Access orchestration suite, which provides central management of all secure-access technologies and allows organizations to achieve true Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA).

  • Based on Safe-T’s patented Reverse-Access technology
  • Non-web protocols-ready: SMB, RDP, SSH etc…
  • Cloud and on-premises implementation
  • Clientless – seamless implementation
  • Works with existing technologies (VPN)
  • Scales according to usage and needs


ZoneZero VPN

VPNs have stood the test of time, but despite being a cornerstone in secure networking for decades, their infrastructure simply doesn’t support ZTNA. ZoneZero VPN changes that, allowing organizations to continue benefit from everything their VPNs have to offer while implementing zero trust and secure access.

  • Seamless implementation
  • Integration of MFA to any VPN
  • Application-layer access policies
  • Continuous authentication
  • Deliver ZTNA features to VPN infrastructure
  • Vendor-agnostic
  • No UX interference
  • Optimized cost of deployment/ownership


ZoneZero MFA

Achieving zero trust requires improved and continuous user authentication. While MFA and identification providers have improved the authentication process, there are numerous integration and maintenance challenges, including applications that are not compatible with MFA at all.

  • Built-in MFA or integration with 3rd party MFA/IdPs
  • Supports continuous authentication
  • Application access control policies for internal users
  • User > App and App > App use cases
  • Centralized approach with no client-side integration
  • Seamless integration and rapid deployment
  • Upgrade 2FA to true MFA
  • Optimize the cost of deployment and ownership


Secure File Access

Ransomware to enter with Safe-T’s Secure File Access (SFA), you can prevent data leakage and block threats like ransomware by transforming your standard network drive to a zero-trust, access-controlled drive. SFA enables organizations to expose sensitive information on a “need-to-know basis” only while eliminating the need to rely on insecure file permissions and vulnerable SMB protocols.

  • Isolate IT from business users
  • Hassle-free unification with current file storage solutions
  • Keep your data in the right hands
  • No client installation
  • Prevent data theft and leakage
  • By removing the insecure SMB protocol


Secure Data Access

Designed for the highest level of security for every type of organization, Safe-T’s SDA supports on-prem deployment, making it possible for regulated organizations with highly sensitive data to secure their data without the inherent risks of the cloud.

  • Reduce the risk of application and network-based attacks
  • Improve data center security by reducing the organization’s attack surface
  • Mask the true location of the organization’s data center and networks
  • No need to open the enterprise firewall
  • Simple and easy migration to the cloud
  • No cloud to premises VPN overhead
  • Block network access, allow application access
  • No direct access to the enterprise from the Internet

Super secure your data with Safe-T

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