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Array access gateways support secure remote access, remote desktop and wireless access for workers, partners, guests and customers on one high-performance appliance, providing a secure perimeter for business applications, from which identity-based access can be extended to any user, anywhere.


  • Reduce the number of network entry points for malicious activity
  • Achieve greater levels of consistency, efficiency and economics in managing remote access
  • Support remote and mobile access from managed and unmanaged devices
  • Limit network exposure and establish accountability for sensitive data
  • Support the remote access needs of employees, partners, guests and customers


  • Consolidate remote access onto a single, scalable security gateway
  • Clientless access from laptops and PCs and mobile apps for tablets and smart phones
  • Application or network level connectivity with end-to-end security and auditing
  • Fully partitioned and customizable virtual portals for multi-tenant environments

Unified Remote Access to Business-Critical Resources

Load Balancing

With the explosion in mobility and increasing threats from within, traditional firewalls are merely a first line of defense. A new perimeter is required to guard business-critical resources. Unified enforcement and zero-trust models are required for connecting users and applications and holding users to the same standard, whether internal, external, employee or third-party.Array enterprise remote access solutions provide organizations with a flexible, unified technology that reduces the number of entry points for malicious activity, ensures consistent security and creates operational efficiency in managing secure access. Supporting a mix of Web, Layer-3, client-server and thin-client access methods, Array remote access solutions dynamically authorize connectivity and available resources based on user, device, location and client security posture.

Clientless browser-based access supports connectivity from any personal or managed computer and mobile apps for iOS and Android enable connectivity from smart phones and tablets. Whether users access remotely over the Internet or internally via wireless networks, each device is scanned for malware, anti-virus software, OS updates and device identity and each user is subject to authentication and authorization prior to gaining access to applications and resources. Once connected, all traffic between clients and the Array enterprise gateway is secured over SSL and all activity is audited.

Built on Array’s 64-bit SpeedCoreTM application delivery networking platform, Array enterprise remote access solutions are able to support up to hundreds of fully separate communities of interest and tens of thousands of concurrent users on a single system. For organizations looking to consolidate and scale remote and mobile access enterprise-wide, Array offers an unbeatable mix of access methods, end-to-end security, device compatibility, performance and multi-tenant support.


Support for up to 128,000 concurrent users and up to 3.2Gbps throughput gives Array enterprise remote access solutions the horsepower to accommodate an entire workforce on a single system. In addition, support for up to 256 fully-partitioned virtual portals allows Array solutions to deliver remote access customized to the unique security and design requirements of multiple communities of interest.


Array enterprise remote access gives businesses improved control over partner access to corporate data and applications. By substituting network-level VPN access for Web proxy extranet access, partners may be assigned their own portals and resources without exposing the broader corporate network.


Leveraging Array remote access, organizations no longer need to deploy separate wireless networks to support guest access. Guests and employees can be routed to separate virtual portals and VLANs on a shared wireless infrastructure, giving employees full network access while giving guests restricted access to only the Internet.


In a constantly evolving threat landscape, baseline SSL encryption does not provide customers with sufficient security. Deploying scalable Array enterprise remote access solutions, customer transactions can take place over 2048-bit SSL and take place within fully separate portals that regulate access based on client security posture.

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