Secure Remote Access

Secure remote access increases business productivity by enabling mobile employees, home workers, extranet partners, customers and other authorized users to remotely access business critical applications and resources over a VPN connection.


  • Enhance business productivity by supporting secure remote access from any managed or unmanaged device
  • Provide connectivity tailored to the user's authorization level and role within the organization
  • Securely partition and support the unique requirements of multiple communities of interest
  • Scale remote access in response to growing trends in workforce mobility and telecommuting


  • SSL VPN with end-point security for providing remote access on-demand without the need for pre-installed clients
  • Identity-based access to resources via Web, layer-3, client-server or thin-client connections
  • Virtual portals customizable to the visual, functional and security requirements of employees, partners and customers
  • High-performance 64-bit appliances for cost-effectively scaling secure remote access without impacting the end-user experience

Anytime, Anywhere Secure Remote Access to Business Applications


In today's business environment, disparate business units, project groups, partners, contractors and guests all require remote access. What's more, they require different levels of remote access and often require a user experience tailored to their unique requirements. Traditional VPNs fall short of these demands and suffer from reluctance on the part of IT to issue managed devices to every employee, partner and contractor.Array SSL VPN secure remote access solutions provide an alternative that offers greater levels of security, a greater range of access methods, a broader range of device support and the ability to provide differentiated, identity-based access tailored to the needs of multiple communities of interest.

On-Demand Access

Unlike legacy VPNs that require clients on remote devices, SSL VPNs need only a common Web browser to access productivity enhancing files and business applications. Ubiquitous SSL and comprehensive security means employees, partners, contractors and guests can utilize any device - personal, public or managed - to gain access to authorized corporate resources. Administrators may configure Web access, network-level access or access to specific client-server or thin client applications, and may configure varying degrees of access based on device type, location, security posture and roles within the organization.

End-to-End Security

Array secure remote access solutions provide protection for data at rest and data in motion. Host-checking and end-point security scan the health and posture of remote devices before and after granting access, actively adapting policies based on IT-defined parameters to prevent data leakage. 2048-bit encryption and comprehensive AAA protect data in transit, ensure that only authenticated users have access to authorized resources and provide detailed audit reports for compliance and accountability. Moreover, integrated SSL VPN firewall capability and a reverse-proxy architecture provide additional layers of separation and protection between remote devices and the corporate network.

Multi-Tenant Platform

To meet the remote access and security requirements of multiple business units, partners, contractors and guests, Array solutions support up 256 virtual secure remote access portals on a single system. Every virtual portal is fully separate and may be associated with fully segmented networks on the back end, ensuring total security for each community of interest. Virtual portals may also have their own resources and look and feel and be configured and managed independently.

Performance & Scalability

Applications run fast in the office, but delivering them over the Internet is a different story. Array remote access solutions boast the lowest possible latency for delivering files and applications to mobile users anytime, anywhere. Multiple acceleration technologies and a scalable, 64-bit multi-core architecture combine to effortlessly support from hundreds to tens of thousands of concurrent users on a single system while maintaining a premium, productivity-enhancing end-user experience.

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