Secure and privatize your structured and unstructured data across clouds, databases, data lakes, hosted applications, and SaaS services.

Data is the new currency and businesses are observing a data growth explosion. However, all businesses must secure their sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands to protect their company’s reputation and shareholder value.




Your goal is to secure data. Fortanix’s technology operates at the data level so it’s secure wherever your data goes.


Businesses need to move around the cloud and on-premises. Fortanix gives you the security control and freedom to do so.


As the use-cases and businesses grow, the scale of data processing grows. Fortanix provides a true planet-level cloud-scale solution that works whether you are processing millions of transactions or only a few!

Meet your compliance obligations

Regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, Schrems II, and dozens of data sovereignty laws around the globe require control over what data gets accessed where and by whom. Fortanix’s data-centric solution helps you meet these requirements.

Innovative technology

Backed by 20+ patents, use a mixture of encryption, Runtime Encryption®, Confidential Computing, tokenization, and key management to adopt a data-first approach to security.

Cloud Data Control

Centrally control the security of data across multicloud environments.


Secure Business Logic

Custom business code that runs securely and privately​.


Database Security

Transparently secure Oracle, SAP HANA, SQL Server, etc.


Key Management Service

Key Management Service (KMS) provides unified key management and encryption services across multi-cloud and hybrid infrastructures.



Protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Avoid Regulatory Penalties with Tokenization.


Hardware Security Module Gateway

Centralized Key and HSM management across 3rd party HSM and Cloud HSM.

Transparent Encryption Proxy

Secure sensitive business data without any code changes.

DSM Accelerator

Encrypt your data at a very high throughput.

Fortanix Data Security Manager (DSM) SaaS provides integrated data security with encryption, multi-cloud key management, tokenization, and other capabilities from one platform, delivered as a service.



Unified data security

Integrated data security as a service that provides secure key management, in-built encryption, and cryptography services including HSM-as-a-Service, cloud key management, secret management, and tokenization to protect sensitive data in public, private, hybrid, or multi-cloud environments.


Lower TCO

Cost savings over hardware, manpower, CapEx, third-party tools topped with complementary data security expertise.


Uniform security across cloud

A unified platform to manage data and keys across multiple clouds with BYOK and BYOKMS support.


Loved by Developers, Trusted by all

The service supports the same APIs and cloud services that DevOps teams use today. Powerful RESTful APIs make it easy for developer and DevOps teams to use and integrate data security into their applications.


Unmatched global coverage

A multicluster architecture that boasts of physically isolated data centers in each cluster for high availability and reduced latency. Automatic key replication and intelligent load balancing mitigate any single point of failure.

How DSM SaaS Works?

Multicloud key management with BYOK/KMS support

A uniform platform to manage keys across multi-cloud environments. The platform offers HSM-grade key storage, accessibility, and BYOK support.

Single pane of glass for management and monitoring

DSM SaaS provides control of and visibility into your key management operations using a centralized web-based UI with enterprise-level access controls and single sign-on support. Your business-critical applications and containers can integrate using traditional cryptographic interfaces (PKCS#11, KMIP and more) or its native RESTful interface.

Globally available service with at least 99.9 SLA

The service currently operates across 15 data centers around the world, giving you the freedom to select the global footprint that best matches your requirements.

Built for scale and elasticity

DSM SaaS supports millions of keys per customer, with horizontal scalability within the site, metro, and region, and low latency with cloud proximity.

Highly resilient web-scale architecture

DSM SaaS is built on a web-scale architecture that’s designed to deliver high resiliency and availability for modern cloud environments. The platform uses multiple clusters with a distributed architecture. For each region (Americas, EMEA, APAC etc.) there are 3 physically isolated data centers clusters to improve availability and reduce latency within the Geo.

Get the power of Intel SGX

The encryption keys are secured inside Intel® SGX secure enclaves. The only time the data gets decrypted is when it is being processed by the CPU inside the secure enclave.

While confidential computing is revolutionizing how customers protect their sensitive data, organizations need to simplify the process of creating enclaves, managing security policies, and enable applications to take advantage of confidential computing.


Without Fortanix

Manual Management
Getting start using confidential computing requires the integration of multiple infrastructure components, rewriting applications and manually configuring and verifying applications running in enclaves.

With Fortanix

Enclave Lifecycle Management
Fortanix is the only turnkey solution that manages the entire confidential computing environment and enclave lifecycle.

Application Support

Re-write Applications

To get an application running in a secure enclave, developers must rewrite applications using open-source SDKs. This take time and often discourages the use of confidential computing.

Broadest Set of Application Support

Fortanix makes it possible to enable existing applications, enclave-native applications, and pre-packaged application to run in a secure enclave in minutes. This capability in unique and enables widespread adoption of confidential computing with no development or integration costs.


Build your own security

To securely implement confidential computing, critical services are required for authentication, encryption, attestation, and audit to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of data, code, and applications. These services are not built-into the infrastructure.

Cryptographically enforced policy and auditing

Fortanix manages and enforces security policies including identity verification, data access control, and attestation to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of data, code, and applications. Using these policies, businesses can implement geo-fencing, and compute affinity to support data regulation policies such as GDPR. Fortanix also provides audit logs to easily verify compliance requirements.
Fortanix Enclave development platform (EDP) is the preferred way to write Intel® SGX enclaves from scratch. Through EDP, developers can securely develop application using the Rust programming language. The Rust language, combined with Intel® SGX, makes the application secure from development vulnerabilities and outsider attacks.



Complete security

Be secure with the Rust programming language. The code in secure enclaves is the most security-critical part of your application. Rust’s advanced static analysis, built right into the compiler, makes it easy to have confidence in the security of your program.

Battle tested

The EDP is what Fortanix uses in-house for various products, such as the award-winning Fortanix Self-Defending KMS. Our years of experience running secure enclaves in production have informed the design of the EDP to fit application developer’s needs.

Ease of Use

Rust EDP applications are just like native Rust applications. As high-level primitives, such as networking, transport security, database drivers, etc. just work inside the enclave, it is very easy to get started writing microservices and web applications with EDP.

Compatible with existing Rust code

The Fortanix EDP is fully integrated with the Rust compiler. You’ll be able to use new features in the compiler release immediately. Thanks to Rust’s stability, old code will continue to work after upgrading your compiler.

Super secure your data with Fortanix

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