Overcome hurdles in your Data-Centric Security Solutions with Seclore Data-Centric Security Platform

Integrate and Automate Best-of-Breed Data Security Solutions

Take control of your destiny. With Seclore’s Data-Centric Security Platform you can unify best-of-breed Data-Centric Security Solutions into a cohesive, automated framework without added integration costs.



Extending the value and addressing limitations of individual Data-Centric Security technologies.
Recommended approaches for deploying a best-of-breed Data-Centric Security infrastructure.
Leveraging your existing investments to automate and streamline the discovery, classification, protection, and tracking process

Seclore Data Classification

Seclore Data Classification empowers the organization’s users to apply relevant visual and metadata labels to documents, emails, and attachments, to better identify what information is sensitive and requires protection.

Easily Classify and Protect Your Sensitive Data

As your users create, modify, or email documents, they can select a classification label from a user-friendly menu that will automatically apply the appropriate usage controls based on the classification.

One-Click Classification, Protection, and Tracking

See how you can make your CISO, IT team, and end-users all happy with one-click classification, protection, and tracking. Once your user clicks on the classification label, Seclore Data Classification will do the rest.

Seclore Rights Management

Ready to secure sensitive data wherever it travels? Check out Seclore Enterprise Digital Rights Management (EDRM), the most advanced, secure, and automated data-centric security solution on the market. Protect your trade secrets, intellectual property with Enterprise Digital Rights Management Solutions.

Key Benefits


Granular Data-Centric Usage Controls

Easily classify and ‘attach’ persistent, multi-dimensional usage policies to your files. Protect digital content and intellectual property with EDRM.


Your Security Solution with Flexible Protection Methods

We’ve made the act of securing and sharing files with authorized users seamless with a range of automated and one-click manual protection methods.


DRM Protection - Accessing & Using Protected Files

Protected files can be easily utilized on a wide range of devices via a browser or lightweight agent.


Data-Centric Usage Tracking & Audits

Real-time visibility of file usage promotes proactive intervention and simplified audit & compliance reporting.

Seclore Email Encryption Plus

Email encryption protects the content of email messages from anyone other than the intended recipient. Since emails tend to disclose information, emails that are not encrypted could jeopardize sensitive data — ultimately causing a data breach.

Key Benefits


Automating Email Protection

Make email security seamless for your users. Seclore Email Encryption Plus can automatically add granular usage controls to outgoing and incoming emails by leveraging rules set up in the Seclore Email Auto-Protector. No need for user intervention to protect emails! plus, external email recipients can easily access the protected email and attachments in their web browser on any device.


Integrating Enterprise Systems for Optimal Protection

If you already own Data Loss Prevention (DLP) or classification solutions, Seclore Email Encryption Plus can leverage any discovered or classified information to automatically attach usage controls to emails and attachments before they are emailed. Seclore also works with enterprise applications to automatically attach usage controls to automated reports and statements that are emailed.


Seamless Browser-Based Access

Onboarding external users can be a challenge with Seclore’s agentless browser, recipients can open and utilize a protected document in Seclore’s Secure Email Viewer within their web browser on any device. With a web-based interface, users get the best of email communications with the peace of mind that their sensitive data is protected. Seclore’s email encryption software protects sensitive data, minimizes the risk of security threats, making data loss prevention simple.


Control, Track Email and Attachment Usage at a Granular Level

Seclore One-Click Protection makes securing emails and attachments as easy as 1, 2, 3! users can select the appropriate usage controls in the email ribbon before sending an email. In real-time, you have the control to track and revoke access within the email messages for each individual recipient.


Smart Sharing for Secure Collaboration

When Smart Sharing is turned on, protected emails, attachments, and new email content remain secure when forwarded by an email recipient. Plus, any new external recipients can be registered on the fly for immediate access, making collaboration seamless, yet secure.


Remote Control and Tracking of Users Activities

Users can easily and conveniently monitor recipients’ activities on emails within the email itself rather than logging into a portal. Modification or revocation of usage rights can be done within the email as well and take effect immediately.

Seclore Data Portection Portal

The Seclore Data Protection Portal automatically protects sensitive data shared through the portal with persistent, granular usage controls (view, edit, print, share). The predefined enforcement policies in the portal, configured by an administrator, are automatically attached to sensitive documents before the documents reach employees.

Key Benefits


Submitting a Personal Document

Customers, partners, and vendors can access the portal to attach their sensitive documents to share them with employee(s) within the organization. Once the employee receives the protected documents, they are limited to the activities that are allowed on the protected files.


Creating a Template

Administrators can create templates with predefined security policies based on the sensitivity of the document. Employees then select the appropriate template to send to customers, partners, or vendors to securely attach their sensitive documents.

Seclore’s Digital Rights

Seclore’s digital rights management architecture is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing enterprise systems including DLP, ECM, ERP, EFSS, email and other transactional systems

How Digital Rights Management Secures Data for an Organization

1.Protect a file
You protect a file on your computer

2.Share it any way you like
You send it to the recipients via any mechanism: email, file-sharing services, USB drives, CD/DVD, …

3.Data security is permanently enforced
The file can be accessed on any platform or device – and it never loses its security

Seclore’s Digital Rights Management Architectural Elements

  • Seclore Policy Server: The command-and-control center of the Seclore system that is used to manage usage policies, user permissions, protected files, activity logs, and other information
  • Seclore Identity Manager: Our own LDAP system that functions like a full-fledged identity and access management system with users, groups, OUs with registration and self-service workflows
  • Seclore Lite Server: The server used to access protected files using Seclore Lite Online, our browser-based module
  • IAM Systems: Any Identity and Access Management, Identity Federation, or Single sign-on system integrated with Seclore FileSecure for user authentication
  • EFSS: Seclore adds persistent data security to files that are shared via Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) systems
  • File Servers: File servers with folders (called ‘Hot Folders’) configured to secure files as soon as they are placed inside them
  • ECM Systems: Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems (e.g. IBM FileNet, Microsoft SharePoint) that are seamlessly integrated with Seclore to automatically add data-centric security at the point of download
  • DLP Systems: Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Systems (e.g. McAfee DLP, Symantec DLP) that are integrated with Seclore to automatically secure files discovered by DLP
  • Enterprise Applications: Enterprise applications (e.g. SAP and Transactional Systems) integrated with Seclore to automatically apply data-centric security to downloaded files, reports, and other extracts

Seclore Digital Rights Management Architecture – in the Cloud

Seclore can be used as a service from the cloud – completely managed and maintained by us. With Seclore’s cloud model, you can successfully reduce costs and IT overheads while making your business more agile than ever before.

Seclore’s cloud-based solutions for persistent data-centric security are trusted and used by hundreds of the Global 2000 companies across the globe. By opting for cloud-based Digital Rights Management, you can take full advantage of today’s cloud computing weather – while also availing yourself the best Data Security for your information.


“Augment Existing Enterprise Systems
with Information Rights Management
to Prevent Data Loss”


McAfee DLP

Automatically add persistent, granular security to files detected by McAfee DLP


Symantic DLP

Automatically add persistent, granular security to files detected by Symantec DLP



Easily add persistent data security to your IBM ECM system


MS Sharepoint

Protect files as they are downloaded from MS Sharepoint



Automatically add granular usage controls to reports downloaded from SAP

Super secure your data with Seclore

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